YouTube is the most popular video sharing sites on the web where over 3 billion videos are viewed ever single day. People across the world upload the equivalent of 240,000 full-length films every week to YouTube.

Find Videos Recorded at a Particular Location

YouTube lets you add location information to your videos but offers no option for you to find geotagged videos. There are however Google Maps based mashups that let your easily search local videos on YouTube.

Video Previews in Google Search

You can watch short previews of videos in Google search results itself by simply hovering your mouse over magnifying glass icon. The video is split into four segments and includes audio as well.

YouTube Partner

Digital Inspiration channel is part of the YouTube Partner program and was recently featured on the Success Stories page.

Easily Fix your Shaky Cellphone Videos with YouTube

This video tutorial describes how you may easily smooth-out and fix your shaky video footage captured with hand-held video cameras and cellphones with the help of YouTube's online video editor. Stabilization makes your videos worth watching!

Link to a Specific Time of Youtube videos

Youtube lets you link to a specific time in the video using the t parameter. This helps because if a video is long, you can directly link to the most interesting part and skip the previous part.

Finding Pirated Software through YouTube

Software pirates are using YouTube to share serial numbers and screencast videos explaining how to activate virtually any popular software title or video game that’s out there.