Have you found your Googleganger?

The act of searching your own name on Google is ego-surfing and if you come across people who share your name, they are called your googlegangers.

Quick Hints for that Unsolvable Crossword Puzzle

CrossTips gives you quick hints whenever you’re stuck at a particularly difficult Crossword puzzle. You can search for all words by word length, and by specifying various letters in the word.

Adopt Lost Words to Bring Them Back From Extinction

Every year, hundreds of words are dropped from the dictionary to make room for new words. Lexicographers spend hours researching word usage and may drop words that have been completely neglected by the society.

How Do I Say that Word In Different Languages

Go to Google Suggest or Yahoo! Answers and you'll find tons of people asking queries like 'how to say [insert word here] in multiple languages.' People want to know how to say Sorry, Hello, Love, Grandma and even the color Green in different languages.

Learn How To Pronounce Foreign Names Correctly

Have you ever picked up the phone to call someone, only to realize that you didn't know how to pronounce that person's name? Have you ever read a name but had no clue how to say it? Is your name commonly mispronounced?

Memorize Text Notes – One Word At a Time

A Tachistoscope can display information (like text, images, etc) before your eyes for a very small amount of time (few milliseconds) to help you memorize stuff and also improve reading speed.