The new Microsoft Windows is simpler to use, faster, and beautiful. With Windows, sharing files and printers on your home network is no longer a hassle. The built-in search lets you find documents, pictures, music, e‑mail, and programs instantly.

How to Install WordPress on your Computer In 5 Minutes

This tutorial describes how you can install WordPress on your local computer in 5 minutes using the free Web Installer from Microsoft. You don't have to be a geek and the process of installing WordPress is as simple as installing another Windows application.

Imagine Running the Windows Operating System In Your Browser

The Web OS not only replicates the look and feel of a freshly installed Windows Vista desktop environment in your browser but comes with a variety of applications like Notepad, File Explorer, Media Player, Calculator, and even games like Solitaire and Spider.

A Better Alt-Tab Replacement Tool for Windows

Alt-Tab is probably one of the most used keyboard shortcut on Windows - you hold the Alt key down (or the Win key in Vista) and press the Tab key repeatedly to cycle through all the running programs. Here's a better replacement for Alt-Tab.

Simple Spell Checker for Windows

TinySpell is a simple spell checker for Windows that you can use on any application that does not have a native spell checking feature.

How to Rebuild your Computer and Reinstall Windows from Scratch

If your Windows PC keeps getting slower and slower, it may be time to rebuild your computer and reinstall Windows from scratch. That it, you wipe everything clean, do a fresh installation of Windows and reinstall all software programs. Check these tips and checklist for rebuilding a computer.

Delete Unused Files with Auto Delete

Auto Delete is a simple application that automatically deletes files in a specific folder that are older than the specified time.