The English edition of Wikipedia encyclopedia has more than 3 million articles and and anyone with Internet access can write and make changes to these Wikipedia articles.

Wikipedia Available as a Printed Book

If the entire Wikipedia Encyclopedia were available as a physical printed book, it would span 7500 volumes. And someone is just trying to make that happen.

The Best Wikipedia Tools and Resources

Your guide to some of the best Wikipedia tools, resources and hacks. Save Wikipedia articles as ebooks, find pages that are linking to you and more.

Ads on Wikipedia Pages – Will that happen?

Wikipedia has a long-standing no-ad policy and the Wikimedia Foundation received enough donations to pay for all their staff and expenses and still remain ad-free for all of 2011.

Wikipedia Logo Flattened

This is current logo of Wikipedia. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle arranged in the shape of a 3D globe and each of the puzzle pieces contain a symbol that represents some language or character set.

Read Wikipedia: The Missing Manual on Wikipedia Itself

Wikipedia: The Missing Manual is popular how-to book on Wikipedia that has all the information you need to get started with editing pages on Wikipedia. You can now read or edit this book online on the Wikipedia website itself.

Download Offline Wikipedia DVD via BitTorrent

Finally, some good use of BitTorrent.   Wikipedia edition for schools, which started back in 2006, has released a new edition comprising of over 5500 hand-picked Wikipedia articles in a single DVD.

Read Wikipedia on Mobile Phones through Email

SnapAsk is useful for people who have e-mail access on the go (via cell phone, Blackberry, etc.) but their mobile browser is too slow. They can get information from the web via email.

Google Knol – Quick Start Guide

Everything you wanted to know about Google Knol - a wikipedia style online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and also make money using Google AdSense.