Web Design

Google e-book Offers Tips on How to Improve Your Website

Google UK has released a PDF booklet with some very useful tips on how to make your website work. The guide is written primarily for online businesses and marketers but the tips and findings are relevant for small websites as well.

Simple Ways to Speed Up your Website

The Rackspace blog has some tips on how you can improve the loading time of your web page by reducing clutter from the site: Host close to your market.

Test Your Website in Different Screen Resolutions

Test your web pages under different screen resolutions online for free with viewlike.us - you can check layout under most common display resolution and even for the iPhone and Wii browser.

Google Adsense Now Allows You to Change Fonts

You can now choose to customize the appearance of your Google Adsense ad unit by choosing between “Arial”, “Verdana” or “Times” font-faces on all English (Latin-based) web pages.