Retail Trade in India – Small Store Format is still the King

Lets now see how 2009 fares for the FMCG industry and the retail trade in India. For now the small store format still rules. For the 2% Modern retailers; they have to first look inwards and sort out the mess they are in; before they can look to serve the shoppers better.

How Wal-Mart entry could change Indian businesses

As Wal-Mart and Bharti gives touches to their deal and bring in modern global business practices to India, one can hope to get “everyday lower prices” as has been the motto of the American giant.

To Buy Cheap, Spend on Security

In the era of upcoming malls and discount stores with new offers every other day, that claims to fill your basket for less, you should be handy with a protective gear and prefarably, have a bodyguard accompanying you.