How Much Sugar is in your Favorite Foods?

You may be adding just a single cube of sugar in your cup of tea or coffee but do you know how may extra sugar cubes are you eating ever day through other foods & drinks?

When Did Your Friends Join Twitter?

Meet a simple Twitter based mash-up that creates a scrollable timeline with information about when your various friends may have joined Twitter.

Timeline: How Our News Sources Changed in the Last 200+ Years

This shift in the way we consume information has been brilliantly captured in these graphs by Thomas Baekdal who also predicts that traditional media reporting on newspapers, Television & Radio will disappear by 2020 to be replaced by social news.

Get Usage Statistics for Search Engines, Web Browsers & Mobile Internet

StatCounter Global Stats is a web research tool to help you track usage of web browser, search engines, mobile Internet and operating systems. With StatCounter boasting of 4 billion pageloads per month, this data should be both comprehensive and reliable, which would only get better with time.

Periodic Table of the Internet

Here is a list of the most popular Internet sites arranged as a Periodic Table (the one from your Chemistry class).