Video of the Day

More than 48 hours of video content gets uploaded every minute to YouTube alone. Some of these videos are entertaining while some are useful and help us learn something.

Does Bad Weather Affect Cloud Computing?

Can rains or bad weather affect cloud based services? Most people think so as they believe that the term cloud in cloud computing refers to the physical cloud.

All the Google Search Tips in one Video

The search team at Google has created a short video that puts all the useful stuff you can do on, plus some search tricks, in one place.

Siri for the iPhone 4S – Video Ads

Siri for iPhone 4S is a built-in personal assistant that lets you speak voice commands in natural English. Here are some video demos.

The Macbook Air Can Fly!

The new Apple Macbook Air is so light that it literally flies away when you are not using it. See this video.

An Animated Documentary on the Stuxnet Virus

Stuxnet computer virus crippled Iran's nuclear program. ABC1 created an animated documentary that describes the Stuxnet worm in plain English and the ramifications of this cyber weapon.