A Desktop Search Tool for your USB Drive

You carry your important files on a USB drive but when you plug that drive into another computer, Windows search can't find your files. This portable desktop search tool should fix the problem.

Google Chrome OS for your USB Drive

If you want to use Google Chrome OS on your computer, head over to to download the latest build available for Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

Use Any Internet Browser on your Computer Without Installation

Learn how to use popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera on your computer without installing any software. You can also run these browser simultaneously on Windows without any hacks.

A Portable Wiki for your USB Drive

Looking for a portable wiki software that you can carry around on a USB stick? Check out Tiddly Wiki - a wiki so small in size and requires no installation.

Get a Reminder to Unplug Your USB Flash Drive from the Computer

Flash Drive Reminder is a handy utility for people who work across different computers and carry their data on a USB memory stick. This will display a desktop reminder saying that the USB drive is still in the computer if you try to log off without unplugging the stick.

Microsoft StartKey – Windows Desktop on a USB Drive

Laptop computers are bulk, expensive and prone to theft. So Microsoft Startkey turns your USB-based flash drives into a Windows companion allowing you to carry your Windows and Windows Live settings in the stick.

Yellow Sticky Notes Software for Your Desktop

Download the yellow sticky notes application for your desktop or your USB drive - these digital desktop stickies are free and perfect for maintaining shopping list, task reminders, etc.