Twitter has completely changed the way we communicate, it is the source for breaking news, a place where we find like-minded people and all this in 140 characters or less.

Twitter SMS Arrives in India via Airtel

If you are in India and use an Airtel mobile phone, the good news is that you can send text commands to your Twitter account from the phone via SMS.

Now Upload Files through, a popular URL shortening service, can now be used for hosting video files, images and PDF documents as well.

How to Remotely Control your Mac from Anywhere

This article describes how you can remotely control your iMac or Macbook from any other computer or even your mobile phone. You can shutdown the Mac, send desktop screenshots over the web or takes pictures with the iSight webcam.

Upload Photos to Twitter via Flickr Email

Learn how to upload photographs to your Twitter account via email from Flickr or Posterous. This method of posting images is actually very handy for mobile phone users.

How to Publish Screenshot Images on Twitter

Learn how to share screenshot images of web pages, error messages or anything else on your desktop screen on to your Twitter account quickly and effortlessly.

Read Chapter from The Twitter Book by Tim O’Reilly

Tim O'Reilly, the founder of O'Reilly Media, has written a colored and illustrated PDF book on Twitter called The Twitter Book. The title, available as an ebook and hard cover, promises to teach you everything you need to know to quickly become a Twitter power user.

Find the Meaning of any #Hashtag on Twitter

Most #hashtags have pretty obvious meanings (like #teched or #xkcd) but if you are not too sure about the meaning or origin of any particular hashtag, check out tagdef.

The Oprah Winfrey Effect on Twitter

On April 17, the day when Oprah Winfrey joined Twitter by sending a tweet from her Friday TV show, share of US based visits to the Twitter site increased by 24% and some 1.2 million new users signed up for Twitter on that day alone.

Twitter Is Deleting Tweets Without Notice

I am not too sure if this problem is related to the Twitter worm that surfaced over the last weekend but Twitter has deleted all tweets from my account that were written in the last three days.

Head of U.S. Armed Forces Joins Twitter

Admiral Mike Mullen, who is the highest ranking military officer in the US Armed Forces, has just joined Twitter at @thejointstaff - maybe his boss @BarackObama convinced him to do so.

More Twitter Followers Don’t Always Mean More Clicks

A high follower count on Twitter can certainly give an ego boost but will your web servers crash if a popular Twitter user with half a million followers tweets a link that points to your web site. The answer is no.

What Twitter Can Learn from Google Reader

Tnhe Suggested Users page is probably the most controversial element of Twitter. Think of it as an exclusive club where an entry can help you gain thousands of new followers on Twitter in a single day.