Twitter has completely changed the way we communicate, it is the source for breaking news, a place where we find like-minded people and all this in 140 characters or less.

How to Use Twitter During Office Hours

Are you not allowed to use Twitter during office hours. Is the Twitter website blocked in your company? This guide describes ways to help you use Twitter without letting anyone know.

Fake CNBC Website – New Scam on Twitter

A CNBC story shares the secret sauce of a mom making $5000 every month by working 10-12 hours per week working from from home. Unfortunately, this news is fake.

How to Report Spam Profiles on Twitter

If a Twitter profile is of a spammer, you can either block the user or use the Report as Spam button to notify the safety team at Twitter.

Stop Ignoring your Less-Active Twitter Friends

The Twitter website and most desktop clients of Twitter present status updates in a River of News format. This is a problem because the river format will hide messages of less active friends as they rarely tweet.

How Twitter Can Improve Their Homepage?

This is a screenshot of the Twitter home page (English version) that shows up when you are either not registered with Twitter or are not logged-in. It carries a list of suggested users who you may want to follow.

Twitter Introduces Text Ads

Twitter is experimenting with sponsored text-ads on their website that show-up just after the “trends” section.

Rate Limits in Twitter

Twitter has a rate-limit for human users as well who access the Twitter web site through a normal web browser. For locations where many people share the same IP address (e.g., corporations and conferences), the rate limits may be too strict.

When Did Your Friends Join Twitter?

Meet a simple Twitter based mash-up that creates a scrollable timeline with information about when your various friends may have joined Twitter.

Useful Twitter Tips

Marta Majewska of Porter Novelli shares some good tips and suggestions on how you can be ‘awesome on Twitter.’ Some key takeaways: 1.

The Best Twitter Apps for your Mobile Phone

Looking for mobile applications for Twitter? Here you'll find the best Twitter Mobile Apps for your BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile or your Android device.