The Best Website Monitoring Services

Website Monitoring Services continuously monitor your websites for downtime and send email alerts as soon as your web server goes down or becomes slow and inaccessible.

Comparison of Online Project Management Apps

Review and comparison of the best web-based project management software that can help you stay on top of your work. All online project managment tools discussed here offer a free version and some are even compatible with Google Apps.

Find and Replace for Firefox

Find-and-Replace is an invaluable feature that most text-editors provide. Unfortunately while using Firefox for editing tasks, there is no such native alternative.

Find Unconventional Domain Names like

Domain names, especially .com based ones, are very hard to get. allows you to search for unconventional domain names like or in case the .com variant is not available.

Finch Formats Web Pages for Slow Internet Connections

Finch is a free web service that strips web pages of all extraneous content (CSS, images, Flash, metadata, frames, etc.) so you've less data to download on your slow internet onnection. Use it to speed up your browsing on dialup, mobile phones, or anything else that's slow, as well as make Internet cheaper for pay-per-megabyte plans.

Find If Someone Hacked Your WordPress Blog & Changed The Files

Websites and Blogs are vulnerable to hack attacks if you are not using the latest security updates. Hackers can inject code into your WordPress files (especially themes) that will allow them to inflate the Google rankings of other spam websites though your blog.