Subscribe to Techmeme Tech Events in your Calendar

The Techmeme Tech Events page includes upcoming events around new product launches, conferences, earnings calls with investors, and more. You can add these events to your calendar as well.

Techmeme = 70% Apple News

This is the Techmeme home page – stories highlighted in red are about Apple, green color is for Google while stories about Microsoft are in blue.

Do You Really Need Google Blog Search Anymore?

The traffic to Google Blog Search has remained flat in the past few months while both Technorati and Twitter Search are heading north. Why is Google Blog Search not growing?

How to Make Sure That TechMeme Links to your Blog

The best way to get Techmeme love your blog is through original content, descriptive titles and link love – i.e., you should send some of your traffic to Techmeme and they he may consider including your site among other Techmeme elites.

Techmeme to get “Editors”

Techmeme, the popular technology news aggregator, has indicated that completely automated news may not be working as fast as expected, making manual intervention necessary.

Google Blog Search – Not So Fresh

The Google Blog says that this new home page of Google BlogSearch lets you browse and discover the most interesting stories in the blogosphere. That may be the ultimate goal but frankly, the product is nowhere close yet.

The Unnecessary Complex Design of Google Blogs Search

The Google Blogs Search site has been written in pure JavaScript so all you will see is a blank page if you try opening Google Blogs Search in a browser that doesn’t support JavaScript (like screen readers) or has JavaScript disabled (common in mobile phones).

Add Blog Search Engines In Techmeme

With preferences in Techmeme, you can add links to major blog search engines like Ask Bloglines, Sphere, Google Blog Search, Technorati and IceRocket next to each of these stories.

Techmeme Homepage – Time Lapse Video

It’s a cycle – blog stories make it to the Techmeme homepage, stay there for a couple of minutes (or hours) and are then replaced by fresh ones.

TechMeme or BlogRunner from New York Times

BlogRunner, like Techmeme, shows important stories and what’s being said about those stories by other writers, be they journalists or bloggers. By reading these stories from a site such as BlogRunner, you get a more detailed, richer picture of what’s actually going on.