Remote Control your Android Phone using SMS

Using simple SMS commands, you can turn on the ringer of your mobile phone from another phone, retrieve the call logs, read the incoming text messages and more.

Report Spam SMS and Marketing Calls on Android

Registered your mobile number in the Do No Disturb (DND) registry but still receive unwanted SMS messages or promotional phone calls. Here's how you can easily report such spam to 1909.

Twitter SMS Arrives in India via Airtel

If you are in India and use an Airtel mobile phone, the good news is that you can send text commands to your Twitter account from the phone via SMS.

Get a free India specific SMS Short Code Keyword

SMSMeOn allows you to register a keyword on their SMS Short Code 56070 for free. You start by searching for an available keyword (labnol, for example), and associating a mobile phone number to it.