Use Google Authenticator without the Phone

Google Authenticator secures your online accounts with one-time passwords. You can even generate verification codes on the desktop while the phone is away.

How to Tell if a QR Code is Safe or Not?

Some QR codes can point to suspicious websites that may harm your mobile phone. You can either avoid scanning QR codes spotted in the wild or use Unfurlr.

Keep your Online Accounts Safe and Secure

You probably use strong and unique passwords do protect your accounts safe but is that enough? This page provides a security checklist and tips to keep your online accounts safe and secure.

Find Software Updates for your Windows PC Automatically

Windows Update will only finds fixes and security updates for Microsoft software but there are some free tools that will help you discover new updates for software applications and hardware drivers on your computer.

How Long Does it take for an Home Computer to Break your Password

Password cracking programs typically use the dictionary attack or the brute force method to break your strong passwords. And they don't really need a super-computer for guessing passwords, just enough time depending on how strong or weak your original password is.

Find If Someone Hacked Your WordPress Blog & Changed The Files

Websites and Blogs are vulnerable to hack attacks if you are not using the latest security updates. Hackers can inject code into your WordPress files (especially themes) that will allow them to inflate the Google rankings of other spam websites though your blog.