Screencasts are videos that demonstrate how to use a software, a web app or anything that be used on a computer. There are various screencasting tools available to help you record screencasts.

Review of Camtasia Studio 7

Camtasia Studio 7 is a screencasting software for Windows that lets you record screen activity, PowerPoint presentations and even podcasts.

Tips for Recording your Voice

What kind of microphone should you use for recording voice overs for your screencasts? Does diet play a role in voice recordings?

Create Screencasts in Linux with Screenr

Screenr, which is probably the best web-based screencasting application, can now be used for recording screencast videos in Linux as well in addition to Windows and Mac machines.

Screencasting Tools for Mac

Screencasting Software for Mac include ScreenFlow, iShowU and Camtasia Studio. Which is the perfect screencasting tool to record movies of your Mac desktop?

BB Flashback Screen Recorder Now a Freeware

Blueberry Software has released a brand new version of BB FlashBack Express screen recorder, a Flash-based screencasting application which is now being offered as a free-to-use download similar to Jing.

Camtasia Studio 6 Review

Download a free license of Camtasia Studio 6 courtesy Techsmith. Some of the new features that I really enjoyed in Camtasia Studio 6 include that 3D Tilt Effect, HD quality video output, new hotkeys, YouTube support and more options for time-lapse animators.