Screen Capture

Computer users capture screenshots for product documentation, sending error messages to IT support, for saving product receipts and even for saving web content. Meet some of the best screen capture programs for Mac and Windows.

Open Source Screen Capture Tool for Windows

Greenshot is an open-source screen capture tool for Windows that you may use to capture screenshot images of the entire screen, an open window or any specific region on the desktop.

A Help Button for your Website that Captures Screenshots

This Help button for your website will allow site visitors to easily contact you via email and it will add a screenshot of users web page in the message along with additional debug information like the browser and OS details.

A Portable App for Capturing Screenshots

If you are looking for a free screen capture utility for Windows that you can easily carry around on a USB Flash drive (portable), check out Screensnapr.

How to Publish Screenshot Images on Twitter

Learn how to share screenshot images of web pages, error messages or anything else on your desktop screen on to your Twitter account quickly and effortlessly.

Cropper Screen Capture Lets You Control Output Image Quality

Cropper for Windows is a simple yet versatile camera for the desktop screen that is unique in two ways - you have full control over the quality of image captures and second, there's built-in support for email templates and Amazon S3.