Fake CNBC Website – New Scam on Twitter

A CNBC story shares the secret sauce of a mom making $5000 every month by working 10-12 hours per week working from from home. Unfortunately, this news is fake.

How a Typical Facebook Scam Works?

How do scams happen on Facebook and why do they spread so quickly? This video from a Facebook security engineer has the answer.

Speak Asia Online – The End is Nigh

Speak Asia Online is finding itself in hot waters now as most of their previous claims have been proved false. They are not based in Singapore and the government is probing their India operations.

Some Google Ads Promote AdSense Scams

Advertisers are able to use Google’s own AdWords system to promote AdSense related products in India that are nothing but scams.

Why Does Google Allow Ads for AdSense Ready Websites?

Search for something like 'work from home', 'Internet jobs in India' or 'make money online' on Google and you'll see a flood of ads promising easy money through the AdSense program. How real are these programs?

How AdSense Click Fraud Happens in India

Pick any newspaper and you will see an ad that says - Earn money from Google AdSense working from home. They even show scans of Google AdSense cheques as proof.