Write the Indian Rupee Symbol using Windows Fonts

Download the updated Windows fonts as these include support for the new Indian Rupee symbol. You can then type the Rupee sign in Word using common fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or Tahoma.

KBC Logo with the Indian Rupee Symbol

Kaun Banega Crorepati – New KBC Logo with Indian Rupee Symbol Amitabh Bachchan is hosting the next season of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), the Indian version of the popular UK game show – Who wants to be a millionaire.

New Symbol for the Indian Rupee

This image is the final currency symbol (see candidates) of our Indian Rupee. Unlike other currency symbols like the Dollar or the Euro, you can’t however type the Rupee symbol using the standard Roman keyboard as the Unicode Consortium has not assigned a unique (ASCII) code to this new Rupee symbol yet but there are some free fonts that include this symbol already.

New Currency Symbol for Indian Rupee

Like the US Dollar ($) and the Japanese Yen (Â¥), the Indian Rupee too will soon have a unique sign that will be recognized worldwide.

Design a Currency Symbol for the Indian Rupee

A currency sign (like $, £ or €) is a graphic symbol often used as a shorthand for a currency's name. The Indian Rupee symbol design contest by Finance Ministry is looking for creative designs that also connect with Indian history and culture.

The Soaring Rupee – Causes and Impact

India is facing a peculiar problem of ‘Dutch Disease’. The term refers to a situation where there are large inflows of foreign exchange due to discovery of natural resources or massive foreign investment in the country which in turn leads to appreciation of the currency, undermining the traditional export industries.

Why is the Indian Rupee Falling?

After creating nerves for Indian exporters, especially the IT companies, the rupee finally touched a month low by falling 43 paisa to close at 41.13 (it touched an intraday high of 41.18) on 8 June.