With RSS Feeds, web publishers can push news headlines, videos, music and other web content to subscribers in near real-time. RSS files are essentially plain text files in a XML format that can be easily interpreted by news readers like Google Reader.

How to Create RSS Feeds for Twitter

The step-by-step guide explains how you can easily create Twitter RSS feeds for the new Twitter API with the help of Twitter widgets and a Google Script.

Introducing Instant RSS Search

Try our new instant search engine that will help you discover RSS feeds for blogs, news websites, podcasts, and more. Powered by Google Feeds API.

Do More with your Feedly RSS Reader

Feedly is our favorite RSS Reader. If you have just migrated from Google Reader to Feedly, this guide will help get up to speed and learn a few trick in the process.

The Best Alternatives to Google Alerts

Google Alerts is quite a popular tool for monitoring your brand on the Internet but there are good alternatives to keep track of your online presence.

Finding a Replacement for Google Reader

Google Reader is shutting down and we have around four months to move our existing RSS subscriptions to another feed reader. What are some of the good alternatives to Google Reader?

An RSS Feed Reader for Google Chrome

Feeder is like a mini Google Reader embedded in Chrome - it tracks RSS Feeds and offers instant notifications whenever new content is available.

Auto-Post your RSS Feed to Google+ Pages

You can publish blogs posts and RSS feeds to your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages automatically with the help of a popular cross-posting service.

Link to the Original Articles in your RSS Feeds

It is not uncommon to find websites that republish RSS feeds of other blogs without permission. Why they do this is anyone's guess but as a content owner, this is something to worry about especially when you publish full feeds.

Tumblr Blogs Can No Longer Import RSS Feeds

Tumblr has long offered a import feature to help you import RSS feeds from Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, etc. into your main Tumblr blog. This feature has now been removed from Tumblr.

What is Google PubSubHubbub?

You know that PubSubHubbub has something to do with RSS feeds but what exactly is PubSubHubbub and how does it help the real-time web?

Track Your RSS Feed Clicks with Google Analytics

Would you like to track how may people are visiting your site via your RSS feed? If you are using FeedBurner to syndicate the RSS feeds of your blog, you can easily track all the incoming traffic from feed clicks through Google Analytics.