QR Codes

QR Codes are 2d codes often made of black square dots arranged in a square pattern on a white background. They can be used to embed phone numbers, web page URLs, contacts information and other text data.

How to Tell if a QR Code is Safe or Not?

Some QR codes can point to suspicious websites that may harm your mobile phone. You can either avoid scanning QR codes spotted in the wild or use Unfurlr.

Write an Email Message Using QR Codes

Do you know that you can write a full email message inside a QR code. When people scan the QR image with the mobile phone, the message will open right into their email program ready for sending.

Shopping with QR Codes

This is brilliant thinking. Tesco launched in South Korea as Homeplus. The company was growing in Korea but was still ranking behind the leader E-Mart.

A Picasso Poster made with QR Codes

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts created this beautiful poster of Picasso using QR Codes. Art enthusiasts could scan the poster with their phones to view more of Picasso’s works and also see a Google Map of the exhibition venue.