Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular software tool to create and share presentations. You can add audio and video to your presentations or use Office Web Apps to put your slides on the web.

How to Edit Photos in PowerPoint

@slhice shares some very interesting photo manipulation techniques that would let you change the colors and backgrounds of photos right inside PowerPoint without requireing Photoshop.

Sharing One Computer with the Whole Classroom

To help schools get the most out of their limited computing budgets, Microsoft MultiPoint allows multiple students in a classroom to interact with a single computer simultaneously using their own mouse.

Create 3D Effects in PowerPoint

Learn how to create eye-catching 3D effects in your PowerPoint slides using the built-in photo editing tools.

Edit Videos with PowerPoint 2010

If you frequently embed video clips in your PowerPoint presentations, you’ll absolutely love PowerPoint 2010 since it includes a built-in video editor.

Embed Web Videos in PowerPoint Presentations

You can directly insert web video into your PowerPoint presentations just the way you embed video in web pages. The video could be on YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, Facebook or any of the other video sharing sites.

Use Google Docs as a Batch PDF Converter

Looking for a free batch PDF converter? This article describes how you can convert several Office documents, PowerPoint Presentations and Excel Spreadsheets into the Adobe PDF format online at once using Google Docs.

Advertising Inside PowerPoint Presentations

A coffee chain has found an intelligent way to spread their message across a classroom full of students. They are giving away free coffee to the presenter if he agrees to sneak in an ad into the PowerPoint presentation.

Add Live Web Pages to your PowerPoint Presentations

Learn how to insert websites into your PowerPoint slides. The web pages will load live at the time of running your slideshow and are completely interactive as if you are running the slideshow in a web browser.

Useful PowerPoint Presentation Tips by Seth Godin

Steve Jobs rarely uses complete sentences in his Keynote presentation slides. Credit: Wired Seth Godin offers some great tips on preparing PowerPoint presentations that will leave an impact on your audience.

Compress Office Documents with PPT Minimizer – Free Licenses

Office Compression tools come handy in situations when you have to email documents or presentation that are too large for your email program. These tools can reduce file size by optimizing the embedded graphics without affecting quality.