Finding Pirated Software through YouTube

Software pirates are using YouTube to share serial numbers and screencast videos explaining how to activate virtually any popular software title or video game that’s out there.

All Sea Piracy Related Incidents on a Google Map

With pirate attacks registering a dramatic increase in the past few months, the IMB Piracy Reporting Center has come up with a Live Piracy Map that shows all locations from where sea piracy related incidents have been reported.

Microsoft Declares October 21 as Anti Piracy Day

Microsoft announced Global Anti-Piracy Day to raise awareness among educators about the importance of teaching students about innovation and the cost of piracy, the launch of an employee anti-piracy ambassador program at Microsoft Italy, and the donation of computers seized from dishonest computer dealers to a local charity in Indonesia. Also taking place are local law enforcement training sessions and numerous legal actions against software counterfeiters and pirates.

Converting Pirated Windows XP Into a Legal Copy

Genuine Kit has a Windows XP Product Key Update tool to convert any pirated Windows XP software into a licensed version.And it is more expensive to buy a licensed version of XP Professional than to convert your pirated XP into a licensed version.