Don’t Hate Instagram but Embrace It

Mobile photography apps like Instagram actually encourage people to capture and share moments that could otherwise be lost. Instagram is not lazy photography.

Take Good Photos with your Camera Phone

You don’t need a mobile phone with a 8-megapixel camera to take good pictures, your existing camera phone with a 3-MP camera can also capture great shots if you follow these simple rules.

Camera Shutter Speed and Aperture Explained in Simple English

Learn more about Exposure, Shutter Speed And Aperture - It's worth taking the time to fiddle about with Shutter Speeds and Aperture – if you know what you're doing you can take some amazingly unique and kooky photos, and remember – it's digital – so take lots and delete the ones that don't work.

HP Snapfish in India – Order Digital Photo Prints Online

Sending Online Photo print of your digital photographs or photo gifts like T-shirts, Mugs, calendards, greeting cards is all the more simple with HP Snapfish entering India. You can order Digital Photo prints on the web.