PayPal Users in India Need to Update Accounts

You will neither be able to receive payments into PayPal nor can you withdraw money from PayPal to your Indian bank if the Purpose Code, PAN and bank account details aren’t provided.

PayPal in India is ‘Close to Dead’

If you are based in India and have been using the PayPal service to receive payment from foreign clients and advertisers, here’s some disheartening news for you.

PayPal Problems in India with RBI

The Reserve Bank of India has sent a detailed questionnaire to PayPal seeking answers regarding their business in India.

How to Get an Importer Exporter Code in India

This article describes how you can get an Importer Exporter Code in India. All PayPal users need the IEC number to withdraw money to their local bank accounts in India.

PayPal Currency Converter

When you withdraw money from Paypal in a foreign currency, they will levy a 2.5% conversion fee on the retail foreign exchange rate.