Password are a common way of authentication. They are are made of characters, letters, numbers and even special characters to increase their strength.

Test your Password Strength Online

How Secure is my Password will tell you how long it would take for an average desktop computer to crack your password using the Brute Force method.

Selecting a Safe Password Manager for Storing your Secret Passwords

Password Managers store your passwords securely so you can create strong and unique passwords for every website without having to worry about forgetting passwords. Which is the safest password manager for you and should that service be online or offline?

View Firefox Passwords in Plain Text

Unhide Password is a simple Firefox extension that reveals all passwords by displaying them in plain text instead of the normal asterisks.

How Long Does it take for an Home Computer to Break your Password

Password cracking programs typically use the dictionary attack or the brute force method to break your strong passwords. And they don't really need a super-computer for guessing passwords, just enough time depending on how strong or weak your original password is.

Creating Strong But Memorable Passwords with Inkblots

Inkblot passwords solve most of these problems by helping users create a secure, personal password that is easy to remember. The user is presented with a sequence of random inkblots. Each should remind the user of a word -- a butterfly or a pumpkin, for example. Such personalization leads to passwords with high entropy, that is, passwords that are difficult to attack by guessing, whether by knowing the target of the attack or by using a dictionary.