Password are a common way of authentication. They are are made of characters, letters, numbers and even special characters to increase their strength.

Secure Passwords v2.0

Create unique and strong passwords for your online accounts using the secure and irreversible bcrypt algorithm. Available as a web app, Chrome add-on, Android app and an offline app.

Your Facebook Account has Three Passwords

Do you know that you can log into your Facebook account using three different passwords? Just change the case of your main password to get the new one!

Keep your Online Accounts Safe and Secure

You probably use strong and unique passwords do protect your accounts safe but is that enough? This page provides a security checklist and tips to keep your online accounts safe and secure.

How to Password Protect your Files and Folders

This guide describes how you can easily password protect your files and folders on the computer or a USB Flash drive. The locked folders are hidden from view and won't display in Windows desktop search results.