Connect with your existing Orkut Friends on Facebook

If you started your online social life on Orkut but later migrated to Facebook, here’s a simple import utility that will help you become friends with all your old Orkut buddies who may have shifted to Facebook as well.

Orkut App for Mobile Phones Is Coming Soon

The orkut Mobile App is a free application for your Java enabled mobile phone . This Orkut App will help you send scraps, upload photos and even share albums with your friends via SMS. Coming soon.

Get Orkut on your iPhone; Orkut Events Coming Soon

The iPhone version of Orkut is more feature-rich than the older mobile version in the sense that you now read friend updates, delete scraps and even view photo albums right from the iPhone.

Spam inside Orkut Scrapbook

Orkut Scrapbook will soon become the most annoying feature of Orkut unless Google does something to prevent the scrap spam.

New Feature in Gmail: Info Box When You Mouse Over any Name

When you mouse over any name in the Gmail standard message view, it pops a small window that will lets your write an email to that person, start a new chat session or even find “recent conversations” with that person.