The Biggest Nuisance on Facebook – Photo Tags

Photo tagging applications are a problem on Facebook as they can fill your personal photo album with pictures of odd-looking cartoon characters, collages, horoscopes, etc. Here are some privacy settings to keep tagged photos off your Facebook profile.

Google Puts an .EXE File on their Homepage

If you click the Update Now link on the Google home page, it will download an executable file - setgooglesearch.exe - on the desktop that will set Google as the default search engine inside IE.

The Highest Paying AdSense Ads May Not Always Be On Top

If there are multiple Google AdSense ad units on a web page, it is generally assumed that the top ad unit (the one which appears first in the HTML source code) will serve the highest paying CPC ads. Well, that may be true most of the times but not always.

What Twitter Can Learn from Google Reader

Tnhe Suggested Users page is probably the most controversial element of Twitter. Think of it as an exclusive club where an entry can help you gain thousands of new followers on Twitter in a single day.

Why Does Google Allow Ads for AdSense Ready Websites?

Search for something like 'work from home', 'Internet jobs in India' or 'make money online' on Google and you'll see a flood of ads promising easy money through the AdSense program. How real are these programs?