Checklist for Image Search Optimization

The WebCEO site offers some good tips on Image SEO. Excerpts: If the image constitutes a link, its anchor text is quite powerful in terms of optimization for high image-search rankings.

Easter Eggs in Google Reader

Matt share an Easter egg hidden inside Google Reader that turns the Like button into a Heart and to know what happens when you click this Heart button, watch the video.

Advice for Group Blogs – Hire an Editor

Paul Boutin, who writes for Wired and the gadget blog at NYT, has some useful advice for group blogs (multiple authors contributing to one or more blogs): Hire someone to handle all images for posts, so your writers can focus on writing.

Useful Tips for Online Writers and Bloggers

Great bloggers speak with informed, personal authority through an honest, lively voice. Their posts often engage readers in a productive conversation through comments posted to the blog.

A New Member In Our Family

We have a new member in our family - a baby boy. It's a joyous moment and blogging will remain light for a few days.

How to Link to HD Quality Videos on YouTube

If you need to link to a 720p HD widescreen video on YouTube from your web pages, append &hd=1 to the YouTube video URL and it will directly play the high quality version of that video in the browser.

Animated Typewriter Effect for your Text

Screedbot is an online tool that adds the scrolling typewriter effect to any block of text. The output image is rendered as an animated GIF file that you can easily embed in web pages.

Google AdSense Ads in Pop-Up Windows

Google AdSense policies prohibit users from placing Google ads in pop-up windows. It says: "Ads are not permitted in any window that is not initiated by a user’s click.

Microsoft Declares October 21 as Anti Piracy Day

Microsoft announced Global Anti-Piracy Day to raise awareness among educators about the importance of teaching students about innovation and the cost of piracy, the launch of an employee anti-piracy ambassador program at Microsoft Italy, and the donation of computers seized from dishonest computer dealers to a local charity in Indonesia. Also taking place are local law enforcement training sessions and numerous legal actions against software counterfeiters and pirates.

Is Google Using AdSense PSAs for Free Advertising

When Google is not able to serve relevant AdSense ads on a web page, the system will display Public Service Ads instead of the regular ads to promote organizations like Red Cross, Direct Relief, etc.

Digg to Replace Digg Spy with Big Spy

Digg has decided to retire Digg Spy, their live activity feed. When it was first released, Digg Spy was a nice tool to discover popular content posted on Digg in near real-time.

Disable Facebook Chat Forever

How to Disable Facebook Chat so that none of my friends can see me online or send me an IM message via Facebook.