This ‘Free Money’ Email Was Real, Not Spam

What do you do when there's a new email in your inbox saying that you've won a few thousand dollars and all you have to do is furnish your bank details so that they can transfer the money to your bank account.

What Is Twitter – In 60 Seconds

This video explains the phenomenon called Twitter in 60 seconds .. .. and here’s the usual CommonCraft video explaining Twitter in plain English.

What is Google Personalized Search

Google can customize your search results based on your past search activity on Google. This customization includes searches you’ve done and results you’ve clicked.

Edit Videos with PowerPoint 2010

If you frequently embed video clips in your PowerPoint presentations, you’ll absolutely love PowerPoint 2010 since it includes a built-in video editor.

Printing Documents in Office 2010

With Office 2010, Microsoft has completely revamped the print options dialog. You can modify the common print settings (like margins, paper size, etc) using the handy drop-down menus and the automatic print previews are automatically adjusted.