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Comparing Google Docs with Office Web Apps

This video screencast from a product manager at Microsoft explains one critical difference between Google Docs and Office Web Apps when used with the desktop version of Microsoft Office.

The Advantages of Office Web Apps

Nick Simons from the Office Web Apps teams shares why he prefers storing documents on Office Web Apps (SharePoint and Windows Live SkyDrive) even though he has Microsoft Office on the desktop: 1.

Try Microsoft Office Web Apps Immediately

Microsoft Office Web Apps is a free online version of Microsoft Office that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the OneNote Web App. If you are not signed-up with Office Web Apps yet, here's a trick.

Get Access to Web-based Microsoft Office Apps Now!

Microsoft Office Web Apps is a Google Docs like product that will let you create, edit and view Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents in the browser. This article describes how you can access web based Microsoft Office now.