mobile phone

Use an Old Cassette Case as a Stand for your Mobile Phone

You can convert any old cassette tape cases into a desk stand for holding your mobile phone or the iPod. This is handy for keeping the phone upright or even in landscape mode when you are watching movies on the phone.

How to Dry your Wet Cell Phone

If you accidentally drop your mobile phone in water, you may either use rice or silica gel as shown in the video to revive that wet phone.

Take Good Photos with your Camera Phone

You don’t need a mobile phone with a 8-megapixel camera to take good pictures, your existing camera phone with a 3-MP camera can also capture great shots if you follow these simple rules.

Most Common Places Where People Lose Mobile Phones

This infographic illustrates the most common places where people are most likely to lose their precious cell phone. The locations include buses, airport seats, taxi and even the roof of your car.

This Mobile Phone Charger Needs No Electricity

Meet a new USB based charger that can charge your mobile phone or MP3 player without requiring electricity – all it needs is a heat source which could be as simple as a pan of boiling water or even a campfire.

Simple Cell Phones for Elderly People

Meet the best cell phones for elderly people. These mobile phones have bright screens, keypads with large buttons and loud speakers to meet the needs of seniors.

New Mobile Phones from Nokia

Read all about the upcoming mobile phones from Nokia including the powerful N8, the E7 which is for business users and the very-stylish C7 and C6-01.

Antenna Problems in Mobile Phones

To prove that iPhone is not the only smart-phone that faces Antenna related issues, Apple has released test videos that demonstrate how mobile phones from Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC and Samsung drop signals when held in a particular way.

Make Your Phone Number Memorable

Do you have a memorable phone number? Enter your mobile or landline number and the service will try to list all the different words, abbreviations and phrases that your phone number spells like.

How to End a Phone Call Without Being Rude

If you get a phone call from a rude telemarketer, you can simply say that you are not interested and hang up the phone in case they are not willing to finish the conversation on their own. But how do you end a call with a boring friend or a relative?