Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent e-mail management software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. With Outlook, you can manage your web email accounts, tasks, calendar and even use it as an RSS feed reader.

Synchronization Tools for Microsoft Outlook

Whether you want to shift your Outlook emails and calendars to the online cloud or just want to keep your Outlook items in sync with an online service like Google Apps or Gmail, here are some free tools / web services to help you out.

Useful Utilities and Desktop Gadgets for Outlook

Whether you are looking for tools to reduce the size of your Outlook mails, for extracting email addresses from mails or need gadgets to access Outlook from the desktop, this guide has a solution.

Most Popular Email Clients

If you have ever wanted to know which are the most popular email clients that people worldwide are using to read /open their emails, take a look at this graph.

How to Open Outlook .MSG Files on a Mac

This article describes how you can open and read Outlook .msg email files on your Mac using a free utility. The same app can be used for viewing MSG files created in Outlook Express.

Decide Which Email Program to Use For Sending Mails

Should the computer using a web email program (like Gmail or Yahoo Mail) or a desktop mail client (like Outlook or Thunderbird) for composing email messages when you click mailto hyperlinks on a web page or a document.

Never Forget an Email Attachment in Outlook Again

Never forget to include a promised file attachment in an Outlook email message again. The free add-in scans email and will remind you to attach files before sending the message out of Outlook.