Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent e-mail management software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. With Outlook, you can manage your web email accounts, tasks, calendar and even use it as an RSS feed reader.

How to Import Gmail into

Learn how to import your Gmail messages into Outlook (or Hotmail) using the POP3 protocol. This is also available for Google Apps users.

Find the Best Time for Sending Emails with Xobni

When is the best time to send an email to a person so that your message is opened and read and doesn’t fall off their radar? Xobni can find the answer based on the 'received time' of incoming email.

Translate Your Outlook Emails into Other Languages

You can translate your Microsoft Outlook email messages into any other language using the Office Translator service. It integrates directly into Outlook so the translations will happen the email client itself.