Navigate Google Hot Trends with Bing

You can browse the most-searched queries on Google Hot Trends using search results from Bing. This Google Trends + Bing mashup displays web pages, news results, images and video search results in one page.

See What’s Popular on the Web In One Page

With OurSignal, you can scan the most popular tech stories on different social news sites from a common location including Digg, Reddit, Hacker News and Delicious.

See Location of Facebook Friends on Google Maps

If you are travelling to another city (or country) and need to know about Facebook friends who may be located in that geographic region, here's how you can see them on Google Maps.

Create Freehand Drawings in Google Maps

Scribble Maps turns Google Maps into an online whiteboard. You can sketch freehand drawings, insert text, or even paint colored shapes anywhere on the map.

Navigate Google Search Results as a 3D Cube

Search Cube lets you navigate Google search results inside a 3D cube. Search Cubes shows thumbnail previews of up to ninety-six websites, videos and images fetched from Google using your search query.

How Much Damage Can a Nuclear Bomb Cause?

Nuclear weapons cause catastrophic damage but have you ever wondered what would be the actual extent of this destruction if atomic bombs of various intensity were dropped on some city?