Marketing and Retail

Slumdog Millionaire – Clever Marketing

David Boyle realized that there is a bigger audience and decided to dub his film in Hindi and Tamil. The film Slumdog Millionaire got unprecedented media coverage (helped also by the Oscar nominations); and opened to packed houses across multiplexes in the country.

Brand Bournville Hits the Bulls Eye in India

Cadbury launched Bourneville fine dark chocolate in India last quarter. Well coordinated marketing at relevant consumer touch points – front page ad in Economic Times with catchy taglines ('Food of the Gods and other Top Management); upscale ad campaign targeted at the well healed.

Marketing to the Diverse Indian Consumer

One approach adopted by some of the leading FMCG majors manages to cut across the clutter. It is to divide the Indian Consumer into three broad stereotypes based on a) their size of wallet, occupation and education and b) the sort of town/village or city they live in.

Availability of Products – The Trump Card

In India; where 7 million small stores serve a billion consumers with 25% of them earning less than a dollar a day; the winning brands have their sachet avatar which is essentially a 2 cent pack affordable to most consumers hence available at most retail outlets.

Second Moment of Truth – The proof of pudding

Second Moment of Truth: If you are a detergent brand that promises superior stain removal to the consumer and claims to remove dry stains. Do you actually do it; the consumer will find out and that will decide your fate.