Apple Macbook

The Macbook Air Can Fly!

The new Apple Macbook Air is so light that it literally flies away when you are not using it. See this video.

University Students Pose with their Macbook Pros

A university in Florida is loaning out 13' Macbook Pro computers to all their student athletes so that they can "keep-up with studies" and download lectures (podcasts) from iTunes while on the move.

Students Only Use Macbooks in this Classroom

The Macbook-only Classroom All students in this university classroom are working on an Apple MacBook. The picture was shown at the recent “Apple Notebook” event that was captured live by Engadget.

The Design & Manufacturing Process of Apple Macbook

The Apple Macbook is a marvelous piece of engineering and design. This video gives a sneak preview of the Apple Macbook manufacturing facility plus you learn about innovations unique to Macbooks like the glass trackpad and the Aluminum unibody.

Will Apple Now Force Wired Magazine To Close Shop ?

Steve Jobs is widely expected to reveal a new MacBook at Macworld on Tuesday morning, and with the rumored name being MacBook Air .. a super-thin, lightweight laptop that ships without an optical CD/DVD drive.