Apple Mac

Apple Macintosh, popularly knowns as Macs, refer to the family of personal computers that run the Mac OS. They include the iMac for desktop, Macbook, Mini and the Macbook Air for mobile computing.

Use Your Macbook In a Corporate (Windows-only) Environment

Do you want to use your Macbook at office which is a Windows only network and one that uses Microsoft Exchange server for email and calendar? This detailed guide has everything you need to use a Mac in a corporate environment. You can can mount network drives, connect to shared printers, share file folders and more.

SnagIt for Mac

The SnagIt screen capture program is now available on Mac as well. Participate here and you may get a free licensed copy of SnagIt for Mac and Windows.

Take Your Files Wherever You Go!

A free online services that lets you access your computer files, music and videos on your iPad or iPhone without uploading them anywhere.

Google Chrome for Linux and Mac

Google Chrome for Mac requires Mac OS X while the Linux version of Chrome supports Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE Linux.

Screencasting Tools for Mac

Screencasting Software for Mac include ScreenFlow, iShowU and Camtasia Studio. Which is the perfect screencasting tool to record movies of your Mac desktop?

Put Live Web Pages on your Desktop

Want to turn websites into desktop widgets (or gadgets)? Read this article as it describes how you can put you favorite web pages on the desktop with a free utility available for Mac and Windows.