Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is popular monochrome e-book reader. Amazon has also introduced touch-screen colored tablet called the Kindle Fire.

Reading on Kindle vs Paper Books

This new TV commercial for Amazon Kindle suggests why reading books on a Kindle is just as comfortable as a physical book.

The Various Options for Buying a Kindle in India

Looking to buy an Amazon Kindle in India? Learn about the various shopping websites that will ship the Kindle to your address in India and also compare the price of Kindle across these places.

The Kindle App for iPad

You can use the Apple iPad to read all the Amazon Kindle books using the Kindle App.

Amazon Kindle DX with a Native PDF Reader

The new Amazon Kindle DX includes a built-in PDF reader and you can read documents in both portrait and landscape mode without losing the formatting of the original file.

iRex Digital Reader 1000 Review

iRex's latest e-reader is called the iRex Digital Reader 1000 - it features a 10' diagonal screen and can read PDF, HTML web pages and Microsoft Office Documents.

Convert & Read Adobe PDF Files on Amazon Kindle

Adobe PDF is most popular file format for books, magazines, help files and technical manuals. If you like to read PDF files on your Kindle (the ebook reader from Amazon), there are three possible hacks.

Video Demo of Amazon Kindle Book Reader

Adobe Kindle eBook Reader for reading blogs, newspapers, magazines and books while you are on the move. Doesn't support PDF but you can read Microsoft Word Documents and more image formats.