The Apple iPhone is a mobile phone like no other. Apple now sells both locked and unlocked iPhones meaning you can use them with any cellular carrier.

Get a Moleskine Notebook for your iPad and iPhone

The Moleskine brand is popular for their classic paper notebooks that are used for note-taking, writing, sketching and other creative tasks. You can even turn your iPhone and iPad into a digital Moleskine with this free app.

Using iPhone as a Video Camera

You’ll be a bit surprised to know that this movie was shot entirely using an iPhone 4 and edited with the iMovie app.

Stop Typing, Start Dictating Emails on your iPhone

Nuance, the makers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, have released a new voice recognition app for iPhone that lets you dictate emails, blog posts, SMS text messages or any other text into your iPhone.

Abbyy OCR for iPhone Applications

Abbyy Mobile OCR Engine SDK that provides tools for developers to create optical character recognition (OCR) applications for mobile or other compact devices now supports the Apple iPhone.