With the launch of iPad, Apple has managed to create a entire new category of tablet devices that sit somewhere between a laptap and a mobile phone.

Use your iPad as a GPS Navigation Device

You use your iPad for web surfing, for watching movies and probably for reading books but there are other interesting uses of the tablet as well.

The Apple iPad: Hands-on Review

Hands-on review of the Apple iPad - know more about the capabilities as well as the limitations of Apple's tablet.

How Does your Website Look on an iPad?

Wondering how your websites look like on an iPad? You can now test the design of any website on an Apple iPad online without actually having one.

iPad Unboxing Videos

The first unboxing video of the Apple iPad and some new screenshot of the iPad Apps.

How to Charge your Apple iPad

Though you can charge your Apple iPad by attaching it to a Windows or Mac computer, the charging will only work when the iPad is in sleep mode.

Airplane Mode in Apple iPad

Your Apple iPad has an airplane mode that will automatically disable all the wireless features of the device to avoid interfering with aircraft operation and other electrical equipment.

How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings

Learn how to reset your iPad to the factory default setting. You can delete all the content from the iPad or simply reset changes manually.

How to Clean an Apple iPad

How should you clean your Apple iPad. Don’t use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean iPad

The Kindle App for iPad

You can use the Apple iPad to read all the Amazon Kindle books using the Kindle App.

iPad User Agent String

You may need the user agent string of Apple iPad to test your website's layout in the iPad?

How these Free iPad Scams Work on the Internet

This video from Sophos explains how these “Free iPad” scams work on the web. The scammer will promise to ship you an iPad for free as long as you become a fan of their Facebook page and also invite all your friends to that page.