With the launch of iPad, Apple has managed to create a entire new category of tablet devices that sit somewhere between a laptap and a mobile phone.

Now Buy the Apple iPad in India

Get ready to buy the Apple iPad in India from official Apple retail stores. The price of the iPad will vary between 26k and 44k depending upon the 3G / Wi-Fi model.

iPad Apps — Screen 1 of 3

This is a list of the most essential iPad apps that you should have on your device. It includes news apps, text editors, dictation apps and apps for reading books on your iPad.

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Create mind-maps, record your voice, access computer files on the go, explore the world - do more on your iPad with these useful apps.

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Do you know that you use your iPad as a wireless keyboard? Or that you can download files from the Internet directly to your iPad? Discover some of the more useful iPad apps here.

Obama Autographs on an iPad

President Barack Obama gave his first digital autograph on an iPad at a rally in Seattle at the University of Washington.

Take Your Files Wherever You Go!

A free online services that lets you access your computer files, music and videos on your iPad or iPhone without uploading them anywhere.

More Web Browser Choices for your iPad

Meet some alternative web browsers for iPad that offer tabbed browser, private browsing, voice search and even split browsing that missing in the Safari mobile browser of iPad.

Copy Photos from Digital Camera to iPad Directly

While the Apple iPad may be a perfect replacement for you netbook or laptop, it doesn’t have a USB port so you can’t transfer photographs from your digital camera to the iPad directly – you’ll have to first copy them to a computer and then use a program like iTunes to transfer them from the computer to the iPad.

Create Magazines for the iPad with InDesign CS5

The latest version of Adobe’s desktop publishing tool – Adobe InDesign CS5 – can help book publishers and print media easily publish their content in a format that is compatible with the Apple iPad.

Use your iPad as a GPS Navigation Device

You use your iPad for web surfing, for watching movies and probably for reading books but there are other interesting uses of the tablet as well.

The Apple iPad: Hands-on Review

Hands-on review of the Apple iPad - know more about the capabilities as well as the limitations of Apple's tablet.

How Does your Website Look on an iPad?

Wondering how your websites look like on an iPad? You can now test the design of any website on an Apple iPad online without actually having one.