With the launch of iPad, Apple has managed to create a entire new category of tablet devices that sit somewhere between a laptap and a mobile phone.

How to Connect iPad to your TV

This tutorial describes how you can connect an Apple iPad to your TV to watch videos, movies, photos, etc.

Using the Sleep & Home Buttons of your iOS Device

Your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has two buttons – the home button at the front and the sleep / wake button near the top right-hand corner. How do you use these buttons and when?

Tablets that are Designed for Taking Notes

Are you looking for simple low-cost tablet where you can capture handwritten notes, sketch drawings and more. Something to replace your pen and paper notebook.

How to Turn any Pen into a Touch Screen Stylus

Learn how to make a capacitive stylus pen for your touch screen devices like the iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile phone. All you need is a ordinary pen to convert into a stylus.

Choosing a Good Stylus for your iPad

If you are looking to buy a good stylus for your iPad, this detailed video comparison should help you decide which stylus would be perfect for your needs.

Get a Moleskine Notebook for your iPad and iPhone

The Moleskine brand is popular for their classic paper notebooks that are used for note-taking, writing, sketching and other creative tasks. You can even turn your iPhone and iPad into a digital Moleskine with this free app.

iPad, Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Tab Compared

If you are looking to buy a tablet, there's the Apple iPad, Motorola XOOM and Samsung Galaxy Tab. PCW editors compare the pros and cons of each of these tablets to help you make a better decisions.