Infographics, short for Information graphics, is a visual way of presenting information or complicated data.

What if Oil Spill happened in your City?

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now considered as one of the largest oil spills in the world. Visualize the oil slick area on Google Maps.

Flight Delays Increase Across All US Airports

This chart compares the percentage of departing flights at major US airports that were either delayed or cancelled during the holiday season due to increased airport security.

The Most Iconic Electronic Gadgets of all Time – Timeline

Here’s a visual timeline of the 25 most successful products in the consumer electronics space beginning with the Pong, the first commercially successful arcade video game, to the rumored Apple Tablet that is expected later this month.

What Does a Black Friday Look Like on eBay

eBay, the world’s largest online auction place, recorded over a million transactions on Black Friday which is probably one of the busiest and most hectic shopping days of the year in US.

How Long Will Rare Metals Last?

Tantalum is a rare metal that is used in the manufacture of cell phones and camera lenses but you’ll be surprised to know that if every human on the planet were to consume this metal at the same rate an average US resident today, the metal supplies won’t last for more than 20 years.

All the Nobel Prize Winners by Country

The Nobel Prize is awarded in six different categories – Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Medicine, Literature and Peace – and these charts will give you a good idea about countries that have won the most awards in a particular category.

Some Exercises for Social Media Addicts

If you are concerned about your health because you are spending too much time on social media sites like Facebook and Digg, here’s an exercise plan that may keep you fit.

Find the Top Social Sharing Sites of any Country with AddThis

AddThis, which offers social sharing widgets for websites and blogs, offers a services directory that not only lists all the existing bookmarking sites in one page but you can also compare which services are most popular between two countries, or overall across the globe.

Interesting Facts About the Internet and Social Web

For some interesting facts about the internet, the state of advertising and how people are leveraging the power of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, check this new video from popular Did You Know series of Shift Happens.

How We Prioritize Online Distractions Without Knowing

Whether you are at the computer or using a smartphone, there are plenty of things happening around you simultaneously that can distract you from the task at hand. But that switch from one thing to another is not always random because some distractions are often more important than others.