Infographics, short for Information graphics, is a visual way of presenting information or complicated data.

101 Digital Etiquettes That You Need to Know

Learn the rules of etiquette and good manners for the online world with eEtiquette. It offers 101 useful guidelines on how we should behave in the digital world.

World Statistics Made Simple!

What percentage of the total world’s population is literate? World statistics are often hard to remember but if the same data is presented with visuals and in relative form, things can get a little simple.

How Internet Addresses Could Look Like in 2012?

ICANN, the organization that oversees Internet domain names, has approved new top-level domain names that could end with .anything. For instance, The New York Times may opt for the .nyt suffix while Google could acquire an address that ends with .google.

How Flickr Works

Flickr has tags, user groups, places, notes, and more. The visual map below should help you understand the various concepts of Flickr [via]

The Growth of Social Sites in India

Social networking site Facebook has experienced enormous growth in India while previous market-leader Orkut has more or less stagnated in the last year.

The World’s Most Blocked Websites

This is a list of the world's most frequently blocked websites. It includes social sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter), adult websites, online video and even some advertising networks.

What kind of a Geek are you?

“In the past, being described as a geek was considered an insult, for it reflected a certain manner of social skills or status.

The Total Number of Web Domains

The total number of domain names registered worldwide has recently crossed the 200 million mark according to a VeriSign report.

If Web Browsers were Celebrities..

This interesting infographic compares web browsers with popular celebrities. It however misses Rockmelt, the new kid on the block!