Infographics, short for Information graphics, is a visual way of presenting information or complicated data.

Choose the Right Chart Type for your Data

Charts help you visualize numeric data in a graphical format but the problem is there are just too many types of charts to choose from. This diagram will help you pick the right chart for your data type.

SEO Tips from Google

Google offers simple but effective SEO Tips to help improve your website's ranking in web and image search results.

The World’s Most Social Places

Facebook has released a list of the most social places around the world as measured by the number of check-ins made at these places.

Can I Use This Image On My Website?

The handy flowchart style poster should help you decide whether or not you can a particular image on your website. If yes, the poster also suggest way on how you can properly credit the original source of the photograph.

The Most Popular Month for Birthdays

An interactive heatmap illustrates the frequency of births on any day of the year. It out that September is the most popular month to have babies.

The Most Disliked Videos on YouTube Ever

A neat poster that highlights the most disliked videos on YouTube of all time. Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black are the most hated music stars on YouTube.