A picture is worth a thousand words. Learn about tools and resources that will help you organize pictures, find pictures or archive them forever.

Backup Your Photos Online, Preserve Memories Forever

Digital Photos on your computer are priceless. This article describes how you can backup your photographs online and secure them against computer failures or viruses. It also compares different photo-hosting services to help you make the right choice.

Create Beautiful Photo Slideshows with Notepad

Creating a video slideshow from photos is easy. Just import your image collection into any slideshow maker, choose a music track, transition effects and produce the video. But what about editing this later?

Search Custom Size Pictures with Yahoo Images

Yahoo has added some very useful filters in their Image Search engine. For instance, you can specify dimensions (height x width) in the search query and it will display only pictures / icons that exactly match the size.

Hide Your Web Images From Normal View with a Text Layer

Learn how to hide any web image with some CSS code. When people open a web page containing an hidden image, all they see is some plain text - the actual picture is revealed only when they select the entire text with a mouse.