A picture is worth a thousand words. Learn about tools and resources that will help you organize pictures, find pictures or archive them forever.

How to do Reverse Image Search on your Mobile Phone

The Reverse Search option in Google Images is not available on mobile phones and tablets. A simple web app will help you get around that restriction and you'll be able search by image even on mobile devices.

How to Change a Picture’s Date in Google Photos

Learn how to change the date and time of pictures that are uploaded in your Google Photos to the date when they were actually take. Timestamp editing is only available on the Google Photos website as of now.

Google Photos – The Good Parts

Google Photos offers unlimited storage space for your photos and videos. Here are some tips and essentials things you should consider before making the leap to Google Photos.

The Best Photo Websites for News in Pictures

News in Pictures: Catch all the latest news related to current events, sports, technology, entertainment and culture with these awesome photographs captured by photo journalist across the world.

Enhance your Website Images with Rich Tooltips

Web designers often use HTML Image Maps to link different areas of a picture to different web pages. Try an alternate where you can add rich and interactive tooltips to your images with the same hyperlinks.

Optimize Images for SEO

Peter Linsley of Google Images shares some simple yet important image optimization tips that might help you get more traffic from image search engines: Users prefer large, high-quality images (high-resolution, in-focus).