See the new Video Homepage for Bing

Bing is now using an HTML5 powered video background for their homepage. The video based homepages look good though they do add weight to the site.

Embed YouTube Videos in both Flash and HTML5

Learn how you can easily embed a YouTube video in your site using both HTML5 and Flash video. The video player will automatically switch depending upon the OS and browser of the visitor.

The Best HTML5 Presentations To Help You Get Started

HTML5 is next revision of HTML and is already support in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and even IE (if you use Chrome Frame). Here's a list of presentations, videos and web articles to help you get started with HTML 5.

Firefox Logo Drawn Using Firefox Itself

Firefox 3.7 will not just have an awesome interface but it will also include support for multi-touch devices. Marcio Galli demonstrates how he could draw a logo of Firefox on a touch-screen laptop running the latest build of Firefox 3.7 using nothing but his fingers.